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Something is Wrong….something-is-wrong-small

….and we have known this for a while. Even as our taxes go higher and higher, our quality of life decreases. We seem to be in endless wars, healthcare and education is becoming beyond our means, families are breaking up at an accelerated rate, and we struggle more and more just to stay even or even fall behind.

Two major sides like to point fingers at each other but the truth is, neither side is really supporting us. We need to quit knee-jerk supporting them. They are both interested in confiscating our resources to enrich their supporters, and neither side has moral superiority. Our quality of life is being wasted in the meantime.

Most government programs sound  good on the surface, but most degenerate over time. While there are plenty of examples, here we are focusing on our criminal justice system, our civil courts, and the judicial branch which has abdicated its role of oversight. Like most unsupervised government operations, our legal and judicial systems have become undisciplined and grown beyond the need.

Something is wrong and this area is one of the reasons why.