I start this site for one reason: to allow victims of our prosecutorial and judicial systems to present their stories. There are many sad stories out there and we should become aware of them. Perhaps in time, we can get a handle on what is a root cause for many of the ills in our society.

The system does not work as we are told in our civics classes. Many Americans are very proud of our judicial system but we have as much cause for that as we think. This is very important for our country because our first line of defense is not a strong military, but a strong and independent judiciary responsive to the needs of the people.  Without this, our country will fail.

We have judges and prosecutors serving their purposes, not ours. Of course, there are excellent judges and prosecutors; I have met some. However, there are some who aren’t.

Over the weeks I will post articles about this subject but I don’t want to be the one telling this story. I want us to tell our collective story. Please add your stories in a fair and unemotional manner so we can get visibility into this area.

Please also not the supporting page “AdminAWOLJustice” which explains the infrastructural reasons for this problem.


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