Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation

Do you think wrongful imprisonment does not affect you? Are you a taxpayer? The June 26, 2017 Texas Tribune reported that Texas has paid almost $100 million in wrongful imprisonment compensation.

These payments are based on a law that did not exist until 2009 so we are talking about $100 million for recent events. Moreover, the law requires the court or prosecutor to declare the wrongfully imprisoned actually innocent instead of not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before receiving payment. Our system is not designed for that. What this means is, if the judges and prosecutors are still in power when the wrongfully imprisoned are acquitted, compensation is not going to happen. This ensures that when dishonest prosecutors and their supportive judges engage in practices which lead to wrongful conviction, there will be no repercussions.

Clearly, having the prosecutor approve payments to the wrongfully convicted is placing the fox in charge of the henhouse.


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