Missing Person: Prosecutor????

In Collin County, we have the case where a judge who lost his re-election teamed up with a parent who lost custody of her children for cause to get the local DA of Collin County to use his powers to overturn the fair election and reverse the custody case by means other than legal.

When the outgoing DA learned the incoming DA considered the case to be political and would not pursue it, the outgoing DA got his friend at the Texas Attorney General’s office to pursue the prosecution without the incoming local DA’s consent; something illegal by statute.

Innocent people’s lives were devastated and an innocent man was sent to prison but the case all unraveled on appeal after the taxpayers spent millions of dollars. All defendants were acquitted as there was never evidence of a crime. Obviously, the indictments were faulty.

Now we have the case of the missing prosecutors. No one seems to have prosecuted this case! The man on the right is Judge John Roach, the former DA, who claims he was not involved in spite of the voluminous evidence to the contrary. Judge John Roach retired to an upscale ski resort in New Mexico and is easily found.

Collin County claims no responsibility because the new DA did not consent to the prosecution. The AG’s office claims the lead AG prosecutor is no longer with the Office and therefore they are not responsible. The Office is still there and the lead AG prosecutor now works for the Tarrant County’s DA office, where he is easily found. His name is Harold E. White and he is the one in the photo to the left with the Alfred E. Neuman grin.

The cases at the Court of Criminal Appeals used to be styled “Defendant v.: The State of Texas”. They are now styled “Defendant v.:       “. I suppose this means there was never a prosecutor. This is like watching a merger between the Keystone Kops and the Mafia. It would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly.


Maurice Dean Schuben is Innocent

I am certain of this. Mr. Schruben was a teacher for most of his career in Katy, TX.  He raised four boys with his wife and no complaint was ever reported. He was well-liked by his students.

His relationship with his wife was always difficult. They adopted an older girl with serious issues from China in their later years. After 48 years of marriage, Mr. Schruben filed for divorce and afterwards, his ex-wife filed a claim of child abuse for the first time. The child was under the care of the mother and in extreme physical pain. The mother coached the child to say certain things and withheld her medicine if she didn’t say these things. Mr. Schruben was sentenced to 20 years and the mother got full custody.

The prosecutor promised a slap on the wrist if Mr. Schruben admitted guilt which is often done when the prosecutor knows the defendant is innocent. Mr. Schruben refused. It is laughingly easy to convict a man of sexual abuse.

Let’s be blunt: When a man is 72, he just doesn’t have much of a sex drive anymore. 48 years of marriage and four boys with no complaints; suddenly he is a pedophile. This just doesn’t add up.  Katy, TX lost the services of a good citizen. Instead of paying taxes into the system, the citizens of Texas are paying substantial amounts of money to keep him in prison and pay the medical bills of an older person.  

His sons know this was all trumped up by their mother. They have created a blog at:   




Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States which happened on June 14, 1777. The US Army also celebrates its birthday on this date as Congress adopted the American continental army on this date in 1775.  The US flag means many things to many people. Unfortunately, to some it means an oppressive criminal justice system.
This is not hard to understand when the November 2016 State Integrity Investigation gives the Texas judiciary an “F” rating. This goes a long ways to explain the near universal lack of regard Texans who have been touched by the criminal justice system have for our judiciary. Least we think this rating is the result of some leftist plot, the same report gave Texas an “A” in fiscal responsibility.

The report may be found at:

Yesterday was D-Day


Dead on D-Day
Americans picking up their dead on D-Day

D-Day was the largest amphibious attack in the history of the world. It started the Allied advance to the heart of Nazi Germany, the success of which, allowed us to turn our attention to the Empire of Japan. We are confident none of those men felt they were fighting to support the criminal justice system we have today.


The criminal justice system is full of criminals; it’s just the boundary between criminals and non-criminals is blurred.

If a defendant were to bribe or threaten a witness or threaten to destroy his family and life unless he provided testimony damaging to the prosecution, we would all rightfully be up in arms. That would be corrupt.
However, the prosecution does this almost routinely. Often, some poor person without the financial means to defend his or herself is threatened unless testimony damaging to another defendant is provided. Sometimes a person in jail facing a long prison sentence is offered a shorter sentence in return for damaging testimony. The state has enormous physical power to coerce.
This raises an obvious question: Why is it criminal if the defendant does it but not criminal when the prosecution does it? This raises a very obvious question: What do we think would happen?

An Honest Prosecutor in Collin County

“Although not asked about convicting innocent people as a prosecutor, I thought about it during and after my prosecuting career ended. The stock answer in my mind was that I never convicted anyone. They either pled guilty, or a jury convicted them – never me.”

Read the words of a former prosecutor, a man with a conscious, in Collin County. This man prosecuted people he had good reason to believe were innocent. He sent them to prison for years and society was harmed and the taxpayers paid for it all. He knew he did this at the time and rationalized it to sleep at night. He finally got out of the business and I believe he feels bad about what he did.

Most prosecutors would never be so honest. In their hearts, they see this as a big contest to advance to the next level. For a $5,000 per year raise, they will convict an innocent man and watch his family be destroyed.

The truth is, we need these people to be rational and honest. The state has so much power, an ordinary citizen has no chance. When a prosecutor sees this power as merely a means to advance his or her career, our country is hit by terrorism much worse than those flying into the Twin Towers. We need them to stop.